In the CliMAFlux project, 2 development centers from Tenneco will be involved.

TENE (i.e. Tenneco Europe BV) is one of the main R&D center located in Sint-Truiden (Belgium). About 200 engineers are working in specific divisions and activities are dedicated to advanced materials, manufacturing processes and innovative chassis systems, aiming to answer main trends for market growth and regulations, i.e. increasing demand for lightweight, greener manufacturing as well as advanced suspension systems adapted to the new requirements in terms of comfort, agility and handling involved with electrification and next generation of BEV’s. Sint-Truiden is also an important production facility specialized in conventional and advance suspension, with 1100 people and a production of couple of thousands dampers/month.

TENI (i.e. Tenneco Innovación) is another important R&D center located in Ermua (Spain) which is part of the Tenneco Global R&D Network and also belongs to the Basque Research Network (RVCT). Its 60 employees (mostly engineers) are specialized in the development of new and innovative semiactive suspensions to meet the global market trends of enhancing comfort, ride and handling and providing solutions to the automotive megatrends such as vehicle electrification, autonomous driving and CO2 emissions reduction. It also provides Engineering support to the Tenneco Automotive Iberica Plant with 700 employees, specialized in manufacturing advanced electronic suspensions for several premium European OEMs.


The relevant joint competencies are in mechatronics engineering, on vehicle dynamics, vehicle models, state estimation and intelligent suspension control but also in material engineering and manufacturing to ensure the integration of the axial flux machine with the active suspension system.

Role in the Project

The research department will be involved in the CliMAFlux project. The goal is to develop, design and manufacture new series of axial flux motors for the actuation of electrified chassis systems to be integrated in a fossil-free, zero-emission production process active suspension system. TENE will mainly be responsable to assess the sustainability and circularity of concept design and manufacturing. TENI will focus on the development of the simulation model of the axial flux actuator, the mechanical design, the implementation/validation of a real time controller for the high voltage active suspension based on the axial flux machine as will as the integration on the research vehicle, in collaboration with TENE.

TENE and TENI are involved in all work packages and are leading T4.2 related to sustainable designs and T3.4 related to the design of axial flux motor.

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