In the CliMAFlux project, the Department of Electromechanical, Systems and Metal Engineering (EMSME) of UGent is involved. The relevant competencies of EMSE are electrical machines and power electronics. Prof. Peter Sergeant leads the activities on electric motor design, related material research including 3D printing of electric motor windings and magnetic materials, high frequency models of electric motors and winding insulation characterization including partial discharge measurements. Prof. Hendrik Vansompel is involved in research projects on advanced control of modular motor drives, powertrain multiphysics integration aspects, power electronics combining multiple functionalities in particular for EV powertrains, multiphysics measurements in powertrain components using e.g. fiber brag gratings. Together, Prof. Peter Sergeant and Prof. Hendrik Vansompel have been conducting research on the yokeless and segmented armature torus axial flux PM machines for more than 15 years.

The involved professors are supported in their industry oriented activities by a business developer (Jeroen De Maeyer). Furthermore, we are a core lab of Flanders Make, the strategic research center of the Flemish government for the manufacturing industry. Prof. Guillaume Crevecoeur is principal investigator for the cluster Motion Products, Prof. Kurt Stockman is the core lab representative.

Role in the Project

Ghent University is coordinating the CliMAFlux project. UGent is also work package leader on the motor design activities and will (1) work out an axial flux rotor concept with a hybrid (PM + DC current) excitation including wireless power transfer to the excitation winding, (2) introduce more sustainable anodized aluminum conductors replacing enameled copper windings, (3) introduce a power axial flux suspension actuator with integrated power electronics inverter.

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